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St. Petersburg, FL - Three area residents were selected as winners of a unique photo contest to document the potential impact of rising sea levels on our communities.

The "King Tide Photo Contest" was co-sponsored by the Tampa Bay Estuary Program (TBEP) and Sarasota Bay Estuary Program (SBEP) in conjunction with the extreme high tides, or "King Tides," that occurred in early June. Shutterbugs were invited to submit images of the low and the King Tide at various locations to illustrate how rising seas may affect our region's shores, buildings, roads and other infrastructure.

The overall winner of the contest was Larry Stults of Sarasota, with his photos of a submerged dock on Siesta Key's Bayou Louise. Kristen Pate, a former Manatee County resident, won second place with her photos of Clambar Bayou on Snead Island, and Alicia Squillante of Brandon won third place with images taken at Ft. DeSoto Park in St. Petersburg.

Thirty-two area residents submitted 161 images as part of the photography contest. A King Tide occurs when the moon and sun align on one side of the Earth and their gravitational pull creates higher tides than normal. The higher tides provide coastal communities with a snapshot of how coasts are likely to change with projected sea level rise in future decades. King Tides normally occur twice a year.

Visit the Florida Tide Watch Flickr page at to view other images submitted for the contest.

The two Estuary Programs partnered on the photo contest as a strikingly visual way to boost awareness of the long-term impacts of gradual sea level rise on our communities. The contest is part of a larger King Tide photo-documentation project involving coastal communities throughout the U.S. as well as Canada and Australia.

King Tide Photo Contest

First Place Winner: Larry Stults (Photo taken on Siesta Key)

King Tide Photo Contest

Second Place Winner: Kristen Pate (Photo taken on Snead Island)

King Tide Photo Contest

Third Place Winner: Alicia Squillante (Photo taken at Fort DeSoto Park)

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