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Report Sightings of Marine Invasives

Be Our Eyes On The Bay: Report Marine Invasives!

Let us know where you see Asian green mussels or other marine invaders in Tampa Bay! Your reports may be valuable to scientists studying the impacts and expansion of these animals in Tampa Bay.

When reporting an "invader sighting," please provide the following information:

  • Where you saw the animal (be as detailed as possible)
  • When you saw the animal (date and time of day)
  • Whether you saw only one or many of the animals in the same place
  • What type of habitat the animal was in (for example, was it attached to a dock piling, or in soft sandy bottom?)

Please submit all sighting information to

Divers, Fishermen and Other Frequent Bay Users:

We want to know if you spot a strange mollusk, crab or other marine creature that you can't identify in Tampa Bay. Please provide a photo of the animal if possible, as it is very difficult to identify an animal solely on a verbal description. Early detection of new invasive species may help us prevent their spread, and your assistance is appreciated.

Submit Reports and Photos To:

Nanette Holland
Tampa Bay Estuary Program
100 8th Ave. S.E.
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Telephone (727) 893-2765
Fax (727) 893-2767

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