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Invasive Species Seminar for Homeowners

Learn how to remove invasive trees, shrubs and vines from your own backyard, and help preserve Tampa Bay's natural heritage!

The Hillsborough Invasive Species Task Force is offering a free seminar for homeowners on techniques for removing invasive species such as Brazilian pepper, air potato, and skunk vine. The presentation provides detailed tips for identifying the most common invasive plant species in the Tampa Bay region, and step-by-step instructions for eradicating them in home landscapes. Participants will learn about the current herbicides available to homeowners that are effective in killing these plants, as well as techniques, tools, and equipment needed to safely remove them.

The one-hour seminar is designed to provide homeowners with the tools to get rid of harmful invasive plants in their own yards. This is important to the overall health of Tampa Bay because a single invasive tree or vine can provide a continual source of seeds that allow the plants to spread to wild areas such as nature parks and preserves.

Several members of the Invasive Species Task Force will be available to give the presentation to homeowners associations and other groups interested in helping to stamp out invasive plants in the Tampa Bay watershed.

To schedule a presentation, please contact Marina D'Abreau-Pryce at the Hillsborough County Extension Service. Phone: (813) 744-5519, ext 144 or E-mail:

Presentations can also be scheduled through the Tampa Bay Estuary Program by calling Nanette Holland at (727) 893-2765 or e-mailing

For more information about invasive species in Tampa Bay, click here to download "A Field Guide to Invasive Plants of the Tampa Bay Region" in PDF format. This pocket guide shows how to identify and eradicate common invasive trees, shrubs and vines.

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