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Eyes on the Bay: Invasive Plants and Animals  »  What YOU Can Do To Help Stop The Invasion

1.  Don't dump unwanted aquarium pets in nearby bays, rivers or lakes. Instead, return them to a local pet shop for resale or trade; give them to another hobbyist, an aquarium in a professional office, a museum or public aquarium or zoo; donate them to a school, nursing home, hospital or prison; or advertise to give them away for free.

2.  Remove all vegetation from boats, motors, trailers and fishing gear by cleaning them with a hard spray after each use.

3.  Don't toss unwanted live bait into your bay, river or lake. Instead, dispose of it on shore.

4.  Drain all bilge water and live wells before taking your boat to another waterway.

5.  Obey state and federal laws governing the transport of fruits, flowers and other plants, as well as live animals, by air, land or sea.

6.  Remove invasive plants such as elephant ears, air potato and Brazilian pepper from your property and landscape with native plants instead.

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